Saturday, July 9, 2011

{creature comforts}

I had to share this amazing site that I came across. For anyone that
loves stationary and gift wrap (KL), you'll LOVE this site. Let me
share a few things....

If you've ever received a gift from me, you likely had one of these
tags attached to it. I'm addicted to shipping labels and always like
finding creative ways to use them. You could imagine how thrilled
I was to see these...

Bunting + shipping labels! Seriously, how "me" are these! LOVE!

Click here to see how she used pencil erasers to make a stamp!

AND....why have I not thought to put borders on gifts yet? Genius!

I love wrapping fabric around things. Do you remember when I
wrapped fabric around Christmas plants? You can see why I
also loved this!

Here's the one I created for the Spencer family last Christmas.

Finally, who doesn't love party garland.

Creature Comforts- thanks for making my Saturday morning so
enjoyable. Nothing beats finding a great site to poke around in
while drinking my morning coffee!

Happy Saturday!


Lila Grace Accessories said...

That is such a beautiful site! Thank you for sharing!

Believe Dream Love said...

Love the idea Melissa! Thanks for sharing. Even though I'm not that crafty, I think this is something I could actually do. Thanks for the inspiration!